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Why Work With GBI



Join us at GBI, where our organization emphasizes collaboration, community, and a deep connection with the public lands which we steward and explore. Experience the difference where every day is an opportunity for making a difference, growth and connection.


Our Core Values

At GBI, our heartbeat is fueled by:

  • INNOVATION: We thrive on inventive thinking and our complexity encourages novel solutions.
  • COLLABORATION: Diverse perspectives expand our dynamic and collaborative environment.
  • INTEGRITY: Upholding accountability, transparency, and ethical actions in all we do.
  • STAKEHOLDER FOCUS: Our dedication to our partners, participants, staff, and community drives us.
  • CONTINUOUS GROWTH: We foster a culture of ongoing learning and professional development.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP: The Institute is dedicated to the promotion of science through field studies programs, conservation action, and public outreach.


to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA)

  • INCLUSIVITY CHAMPION: GBI prioritizes respect and values every voice in our organization.
  • EQUALITY CATALYST: Ensuring fairness, equal opportunities for all, and driving innovation through diversity.
  • EMPOWERING ATMOSPHERE: Embrace your authentic self at work, contributing to an inclusive and vibrant workplace.
  • ***********PROMISED ACCESSIBILITY: GBI respects the abilities of all and promotes an inclusive environment for everyone to participate.


Our Vibrant Culture

  • SUSTAINABLE TEAMS: Embrace a healthy harmony with flexible work arrangements and pro-employee supportive policies.
  • EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING: Your wellness is paramount! Benefit from comprehensive wellness programs and mental health support.
  • CONTINUOUS RECOGNITION: We celebrate achievements, to recognize our teammates as valued and appreciated.
  • LEARNING AND GROWTH: Access expanding resources and new opportunities to fuel your career growth.
  • GENEROUS BENEFITS: Competitive compensation, robust retirement plans, and added perks seek to ensure financial security and stability.
  • SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Dive into seasonal work parties and socials to foster strong connections and community engagement.
  • AFTER-HOURS ADVENTURE: Picture skiing with colleagues before or after work amidst the Sierra Nevada Mountains—a testament to our commitment to flexible / trust-based culture and embracing the region’s natural beauty.


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