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Research Associate Program

The Great Basin Institute’s Research Associate Program provides environmental research, technical assistance, quality data and expert analysis to federal, state and nonprofit public land managers. In order to support the conservation and management of natural, cultural, and recreation/wilderness resources in the West, the RA Program provides a wide array of support services, including wildlife studies, habitat assessment, ecological restoration, cultural resource assistance, recreation management, and environmental education. The Program’s activities collect accurate data through statistically sound science to assist federal land management agencies, state wildlife management departments, and other resource-management organizations in making credible and informed management decisions. Project partners include the National Park Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, as well as numerous state and county agencies and NGOs.

The RA Program presents undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates and emerging professionals, with opportunities to begin or enhance their careers in resource management, conservation, stewardship, and related fields.  Our participants receive significant support for professional development, facilitating experience in field-based conservation, project management, reporting and administration.

Additionally, GBI fosters a collaborative association between university academics and resource management agencies. University credit is often available to those interested in using their field experience to support their academic goals. And a Research Associate position can be the next best step for recent graduates to apply their academic learning to real-world resource management challenges.


GBI Research Associates provide the research, technical support, data and expert analysis resource managers require in order to make informed management decisions. Here, technicians are classifying soil in order to establish an Ecological Site Description.


The Research Associate program provides opportunities for recent college graduates, graduate students, or experienced professionals looking to begin or enhance a career in environmental management, conservation, and other related fields.



The Great Basin Institute has cooperative agreements in place with all major federal and state resource management agencies, including the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, the State of Nevada Divisions of Forestry, Wildlife, Parks and Lands. These agreements allow agencies and non-profits to outsource resource management tasks without a bid process as our programs, with their unique educational, training, and funding components, are considered “sole source”. With substantial educational scholarships, in-kind training, and educational opportunities, our programs provide significant cash match and in-kind contributions which often fulfill the fiscal requirements of cooperative grants and agreements.

Establishing a partnership with the Great Basin Institute and is a simple process involving cooperation between three major parties: an agency contracting officer, a GBI contract representative, and the project manager. To initiate an agreement, please contact Jerry Keir at 775.846.9310 for assistance with budgeting and project scheduling. Once a budget is articulated and a funding source identified, the scope of work and budget information is forwarded to your agency contracting officer to establish a task agreement. Finally, both parties sign an original copy of the ask agreement to be kept on file by both agencies. This process can typically be completed within 90 days.