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Our Mission

Americorps_logoNevada Conservation Corps harnesses the energy and idealism of youth to meet the needs of Nevada public lands and communities. As a federally-funded AmeriCorps program, the NCC promotes ecological literacy through field research and direct conservation service. Our broad-based national recruitment process transcends racial, ethnic and economic barriers by creating a cadre of corps members comprised of diverse backgrounds. The NCC provides students and young professionals opportunities to make meaningful contributions toward protecting and conserving Nevada’s natural heritage, while also gaining valuable work experience in the natural resource management field.

The Program


GbI_NCC_013_500.380The Nevada Conservation Corps is Nevada’s leading non-profit in advancing volunteerism in the environmental sector. The NCC is recognized statewide by major federal, state, and county environmental agencies as the premier service provider of well-trained, dedicated, and hard- working volunteers. Our partnerships garner over 2.8 million dollars annually in cash match. In 2001, the Nevada Conservation Corps was awarded the Golden Pine Cone Award for environmental programming excellence.  In 2005, the NCC won the Governor’s Points of Light Award for outstanding contributions to volunteerism in the state and received Congressional and Senatorial recognition from Senator Reid and Senator Ensign.  In 2016, the Nevada Conservation Corps earned the USDA Forest Service’s Region Four “Forester Award” for commendation in recreation services.


The NCC serves the environmental and educational needs of our communities in many ways.  In terms of direct service, we are thinning forests to reduce fuels at a time when our woodlands are at risk of catastrophic wildfire. We are constructing and maintaining trails at a time when our parks are under pressure from unprecedented visitation. We are treating public lands for exotic species at a time when invasive plants threaten the ecological balance of our rivers, lakes, deserts, and rangelands. We are conducting biological inventories and surveys at a time when natural resource managers must make critical decisions with the best scientific data available. At a time when firsthand experience of the land has become rare, thousands of students are discovering the life-changing benefits of direct service to the natural environment.


The Great Basin Institute has taken the lead in promoting environmental entrepreneurship in our state. In the past several years, the organization has created three innovative and highly successful programs that reflect quality leadership and foster strong relationships with the environmental community. GBI has developed a professional fuels management program, an international volunteer exchange, and a statewide research initiative. Each program continues to attract new participants and partners. The expansion of these unique programs testifies to their creative and adaptive design, and to their proven, on-the-ground success.  The NCC was beta test for all these programs.


The Nevada Conservation Corps has successfully placed 1,934 AmeriCorps members in the field, serving some 453,268 volunteer hours. The NCC’s service-learning efforts have mobilized approximately 10,963 students in one time or ongoing volunteer projects. The Institute’s International Conservation Volunteer Exchange program has led 436 international volunteers in 51,230 hours of environmental service, providing a global exchange between Nevada volunteers and volunteers worldwide.GBI_NCC_011_507.380


While drastic cuts in government spending have curtailed environmental programs, the NCC program continues to develop and diversify, mobilizing more students and volunteers each year. This summer, the NCC has Research Associates, Restoration Crews, Interns, and Volunteers working in record numbers: over 320 volunteers are engaged in environmental and community service across our state. The NCC program testifies to the enduring potential of young people and all they can accomplish, given quality opportunities and support.


Opportunities are available for those who wish to volunteer on our crews, join the state’s largest AmeriCorps program, and gain valuable field experience while working on habitat improvement, restoration, and recreation projects.



NCC has cooperative agreements in place with all major federal and state resource management agencies, including the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, the State of Nevada Divisions of Forestry, Wildlife, Parks and Lands. These agreements allow agencies and non-profits to outsource resource management tasks without a bid process as our programs, with their unique educational, training, and funding components, are considered “sole source”. With substantial educational scholarships, in-kind training, and educational opportunities, our programs provide significant cash match and in-kind contributions which often fulfill the fiscal requirements of cooperative grants and agreements.

Establishing a partnership with the Great Basin Institute and the NCC is a simple process involving cooperation between three major parties: an agency contracting officer, a GBI or NCC contract representative, and the project manager. To initiate an agreement, contact the NCC or GBI staff member responsible for your particular interest of service (restoration, forestry and trail crews, or agency interns / field technicians) for assistance with budgeting and project scheduling. Once a budget is articulated and a funding source identified, the scope of work and budget information is forwarded to your agency contracting officer to establish a task agreement. Finally, both parties sign an original copy of the ask agreement to be kept on file by both agencies. This process can typically be completed within 90 days.

For additional contracting information, please contact our office at 775.674.5475.