Joshua Tree and Saguaro National Parks Launch a War of the Sunsets

sunset-wars-joshua-tree-04.adapt.1900.1GBI personnel are typically a peaceful lot, but several Research Associates working in Joshua Tree National Park proved that provocation is possible. When Saguaro National Park’s social media team touted their park as having “the best sunsets in the world,” the Joshua Tree team took umbrage. A bit of back-and-forth later, Saguaro proposed a sunset-off, and with a robust “YOU’RE ON!” from the Joshua Tree crew, the sunset war began.

As wars go, we couldn’t ask for a prettier one. As the two social media teams attempted to outdo one another with stunning sunset images, including those by Jesmira Bonoan and Hannah Schwalbe reproduced here, a clear winner emerged: everyone who appreciates the beauty of our national parks. Indeed, as news of the friendly rivalry spread, even so far as being picked up by National Geographic’s website, a clear message was sent about the value of our public lands. Our thanks to Hannah and Jesmira and all who work so hard to sustain and promote both Joshua Tree and Saguaro National Parks.

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