Jerry Keir
Executive Director
Kevin Dose
Deputy Director
Chris Warner
Director of Development
Sarah Baughman
Financial Manager
Terry Christopher
Associate Director, Southern Nevada
Lynn Zimmerman
Director, Research Associate Program
Scott Scherbinski
Program Director, Nevada Conservation Corps
Lisa Russo
Coordinator, AmeriCorps Program
Ahmad Nassiri
Financial Associate
Marc Oxoby
Program Analyst
Sage Bates
Recruitment and Compliance Coordinator
James Maxwell
Operations Coordinator
Laura Azzarello
Visitor Center Coordinator
Joseph Gleason
Visitor Center Coordinator
Alissa Demmer
Research Associate Program Coordinator, Southern Office
Kenny Polte
Forestry Operations Coordinator
Chad Kooistra
Director of Research Innovation and Engagement
Vince LaPlante
Trail and Restoration Operations Coordinator, Nevada Conservation Corps
Sarah Mendoza
Recruitment and Compliance Coordinator, Nevada Conservation Corps
Alejandro Keir
Ecological Restoration Coordinator, Galena Creek Field Institute
Tyler Merrill
Southern Nevada Operations Coordinator
Mary Poelman
AmeriCorps Program Assistant, Southern Nevada Office
Jessica Saenz
Ecological Monitoring Program Coordinator
Cassandra Collins
Nevada Ecological Monitoring Program Coordinator
Lucas Wedge
Nevada Division of Wildlife Ecological Monitoring Coordinator
Robert Frank
Nevada Ecological Monitoring Assistant Project Manager
Mindi Lundberg
Utah Ecological Monitoring Program Project Manager
Tayler DeBrosse
Wyoming Ecological Monitoring Program Coordinator
Theresa O’Halloran
Aquatic Monitoring Project Manager
Nicholas Rzyska-Filipek
Aquatic Monitoring Assistant Project Manager
Kaitlin Lubetkin
Senior Data Specialist
Sean McKenzie
Senior Natural Resource Specialist
Edward M. Krynak
Postdoctoral Associate, Global Water Center at the University of Nevada, Reno
Kate Bloomfield
Environmental Educator and Camp Coordinator
Natalie Minor
Environmental Educator and Camp Coordinator