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Volunteer Program

The Galena Creek Visitor Center relies on volunteer support to better serve park visitors and the Mt. Rose environment. Volunteers assist with educational programs and special events, answer visitor questions, perform trail and facility maintenance and help keep the center doors open. Are you interested in giving back? Sign up for the Galena Creek volunteer program!

How it works

The volunteer program at the Galena Creek Visitor Center is a diverse opportunity for folks to give back to their local community. The program is organized into four distinct roles, which serve different aspects of the visitor services program. Though this is not a paid position, prospective volunteers must submit an application and undergo a review process due to the nature of the work. 


step 1

Request a volunteer application at visitorcenter

step 2

A Galena Creek staff member will reach out to schedule a review the volunteer program agreement, on site at the visitor center.

step 3

Once the background check process is complete, you’ll be ready to training!

step 4

A Galena Creek staff member will reach out to review the volunteer program agreement and sign all necessary paperwork.

volunteer Roles

The selected docent(s) will be appointed a position based on experience and personal preference. The different positions adhere to what areas of the Visitor Centers need assistance. Although the docent program is not a paid full time job, the volunteers do need to have prior experience within the following listed below in order to qualify for a position.

The Galena Creek Visitor Center VIP is the front desk attendant at the Visitor Center. This role entails customer service through retail sales, public education, outreach, enforcing park rules & regulations, general facility maintenance and possible administrative work. The GCVC VIP is responsible for opening/closing the visitor center on days they are scheduled. This includes unlocking bathrooms, putting up the flag(s), and putting out the open sign. This person will have general knowledge of the parks trails and other recreation areas along with neighboring recreation spots such as Lake Tahoe and Mt. Rose Wilderness.

The environmental inspirer will be placed and scheduled accordingly to support Galena Naturalists in field trips and camps. This person is upbeat and enjoys being around elementary-secondary students. They have knowledge in environmental subjects such as outdoor safety, water ecology, fire ecology, wildlife ecology, and plant ecology. Field trips and camps require a lot of energy and physicality due to hikes, games and being outdoors for long periods of time. Most responsibilities include managing students, teaching/presenting curriculum, demonstrating and following Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies.

The docent VIP position is for someone who is willing to participate/help with everything that is needed. They take on the Visitor center, environmental leader and inspirer role. This person is someone who is a passionate steward of the environment and supporter of GBI programming at Galena.

The environmental leader is someone who is willing to lead their own GBI/Galena programs in the park. These programs will be based out of the Visitor Center and are typically a guided hike, watershed exploration, wildlife presentation and more. This person will have an open schedule and will need to create/prepare their own program and is allowed to use Visitor Center materials. They must let GBI staff know in advance when, where and what program will be taking place in order to have prior community advertisement. Overall the EL VIP is outgoing, has great communication, can manage all age groups and has knowledge of the park area and environmental science.