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NPS Search and Rescue Swiftwater Training: An Account by Kimberlee Roberts

GBI Research Associate Kimberlee Roberts has been working as an archivist at Zion National Park, where she has supported an effort to archive the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance documentation at the park. Adherence to NEPA regulations impacts much of what happens in the National Park Service and helps the NPS ensure that its […]

GBI Media Contest April 2023 Submissions

Our media contest is back and in full bloom! We’ve all heard the adage “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” and given the blossoming color enveloping our field personnel at this time of year, this was a perfectly appropriate theme for our April contest. Our winning entry, above, was submitted by Research Associate Bill Bjornstad, who […]

Research Associate Profile: Christian Thorsberg

The world of environmental science produces a great number of written texts documenting the findings and results of field research, monitoring, restoration, and the like. For many in the field, the creation of these texts is seen as a necessary task, but not one that invites enthusiasm. But GBI Research Associate Christian Thorsberg is something […]

Exploring the World of Native Nevada Mussels with the Elko Biodiversity Program

How many mussels do you see in the photo above? This question was asked by GBI Research Associate Ali Helmig during a presentation she recently gave to the Elko (Nevada) Audubon Society. In this presentation she pointed out that “for years, many survey methods would note ‘clams’ or ‘mussels’ with no additional detail,” then went […]

COVID-19 Policy Update 3/29/2023

Beginning March 24th, 2023 Great Basin Institute no longer requires COVID-19 vaccination of our program participants, staff or volunteers.  GBI still encourages all employees to maintain a current vaccination status with boosters as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). “Many people in the United States have some protection, or immunity, against COVID-19 due […]

VISTA Volunteers Support GBI Visitor Services

Of all of GBI’s programs, Visitor Services, which oversees the visitor centers at Galena Creek and Taylor Creek, as well as the Tallac Historic Site, unquestionably has the greatest direct interaction with the public. Consequently, this program has the most opportunity to educate diverse populations about the benefits of and issues facing our natural environments. […]

GBI Raven Crew Becomes “Mylar Marauders”

It should come as no surprise that people who enter the environmental field have a deep appreciation for our wild places, their flora and fauna, their balanced ecosystems. We see this clearly when GBI field personnel go above and beyond their job descriptions to engage in volunteer activities, such as was the case with our […]

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for Employment Statement

As Great Basin Institute navigates the changing public health circumstances, please know that we are proactively addressing concerns surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The health and safety of our employees and partners is our top priority, and we have taken precautionary steps to reduce the spread of illness in our workplace.  The Institute will utilize resources published […]

GBI warmly welcomes Peter Woodruff as the CEO of Great Basin Institute

GBI welcomes Peter Woodruff as the CEO of Great Basin Institute.  Peter is thrilled to join the outstanding GBI team as its first new CEO since founded in 1998.  He brings nearly a decade’s leadership with ACE (American Conservation Experience), overseeing a thriving nationwide staff and hundreds of federal agency partnerships while facilitating conservation across […]

A Letter from Great Basin Institute’s Chief Executive Officer

Dear GBI staff, partners, volunteers and friends: The proverb that all good things must come to an end reminds us that nothing lasts forever, an eventuality often understood with some regret, especially when something that brings us happiness ends.  I find myself at such an ending. As part of our organizational succession plan, I will […]