Partnering with the California Tahoe Conservancy

GBI is proud to announce that we have entered into a new partnership with the California Tahoe Conservancy. Established in 1985, the Conservancy is a California state agency, which owns and manages approximately 6,500 acres of land, with the stated purpose of “protecting the natural environment and promoting public recreation and access to Lake Tahoe.” […]

Program Spotlight: Basin & Range Forestry

Today we spotlight GBI’s Basin & Range Forestry program (BRF). This forestry program partners with the USFS to complete projects which include improving forest health, surveying and data collection, large scale stewardship contracting, and post fire recovery projects. We deploy crews to work on forests all throughout the Sierra Nevadas, from Sequoia National Forest and […]

IF/THEN STEAM Fair Comes to San Diego Comic-Con

When one thinks of the Great Basin Institute, the San Diego Comic-Con is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind. But lo and behold, we did indeed have a presence at this year’s convention in the form of GBI Research Associate Samantha Wynns, who has been consistently involved in exciting, unique projects, often […]

GBI Media Contest July 2022 Submissions

The theme for July’s media contest was “America the Beautiful”. Well, that’s certainly something that our field personnel would know about. GBI deploys people in places throughout the West with such stunning sights that we are constantly reminded of what makes the work that we do so valuable. The winner of the contest is Katie […]

Preserving Historic Structures in Mojave National Preserve

Nature, left to its own devices, is self-perpetuating. Not so man-made structures. And so GBI’s mission to advance applied research and ecological literacy applies not only to our natural resources, but also to our cultural resources. Take, for example, the historic Rock Springs Land and Cattle Company Headquarters Building at Barnwell and the Telegraph Operator’s […]

Collaborative Efforts in Support of the California Condor

GBI is proud of the work it does and it gratifying to be able to show off our accomplishments here. But we never forget for even a moment that none of what we do would be possible were it not for the collaborative relationships that we develop with other organizations and agencies. A perfect example […]

GBI Media Contest June 2022 Submissions, Part 2

This is part two of our gallery of submissions to our June 2022 media contest. Part one can be found HERE. Appropriately, we kick things off with our second place finisher, submitted by AmeriCorps member Allie Nowicki. Allie, who is serving as a biological technician at Camas National Wildlife Refuge, describes the above image: “Storm […]

GBI Media Contest June 2022 Submissions, Part 1

The theme for June’s media contest was “The Power of Nature.” This can, of course, be taken many different ways, and our field personnel did not disappoint in providing a broad array of views into how this manifests itself in our wild spaces. June’s winner is Research Associate Rebecca Finnegan, who is serving as Compliance […]

GBI Media Contest May 2022 Submissions, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our May media contest gallery. (Find Part 1 HERE.) The volume and quality of May’s submissions were so great that we had no choice but to not only split the gallery into two posts, but to also declare two winners, including Research Associate, Sarah Mendoza. Sarah, who is servings alongside […]