COVID 19 UPDATE 7.20.2020

This is the policy status update for the week beginning 7/20/2020. For GBI Employees and Volunteers. Policy restrictions continue to increase in response to the rise in positive cases in our region.  As we monitor these changes in policy at the state and county level, please note that our federal CDC guidelines remain essential for […]

Celebrating Our Taylor Creek Visitor Center Volunteers

In 2018, GBI became the interpretive association for Taylor Creek Visitor Center, located on the south shore of Lake Tahoe. The visitor center is home to the Lake of the Sky Amphitheater and Steam Profile Chamber, and also offers a variety of interpretive materials and programs.  It is estimated that about 150,000 people visited the […]

UNR Journalism Students Document the Galena Creek Restoration Project

We are very excited to share this video, created by Trina Kleist, Kylene Yumul, and Janice Baker, students at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Reynolds School of Journalism. It details work being done on the Galena Creek Restoration project, which seeks to stabilize creek beds in order to reduce the erosion of dirt into our […]

Recreation of 1882 Mount Trumbull lithograph sheds light on landscape evolution

A lithograph from Mount Trumbull created during John Wesley Powell’s 1882 expedition provided an unusual adventure for GBI Research Associates. Todd Miller and Julianne Renner, working with the National Park Service, undertook the long, steep hike to the top of Mount Trumbull in order to generate photographic recreations of the lithograph. More than just an […]

Research Associates Support Fire Restoration in Central Washington

Great Basin Institute continues to support the BLM Washington in monitoring, surveying and supporting fire restoration efforts.  Below is an AP article (8 August 2017) that captures recent fire activity this season Such fire disturbances engage the institute and the BLM in planning efforts to understand impacts to vegetative communities and subsequent attempts to stabilize […]

Research Associates and Crews Receive Tahoe Fund Grant for Conservation and Outreach

This summer, GBI crews and Research Associates are fanning out across the Lake Tahoe Basin to support a variety of environmental initiatives.  The Tahoe Fund has provided $50,000 to elevate the long-standing partnership between the institute and the USDA Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.  Crews will provide restoration and trail support while associates conduct wilderness, […]

Archaeological Dig at Cave Springs unites BLM, Universities, and Tribal Historians

As the dust settles on GBI’s Cave Springs excavation block project, the careful and exacting work begins for the categorization of prehistory findings rendered at the heart of the Great Basin.  Collaborating with the Bureau of Land Management, Battle Mountain District, University of Nevada, Reno, University of California, Davis, California State University, Sacramento, and the […]