Aquatic and Remote Sensing Monitoring Launches in Idaho and Wyoming

Stewardship Saturday 1_22_2011 cattail cutting 046 (25)For the 2017 field season the institute is pleased to announce new partnerships with the Utah State University and the BLM National Operating Center. As the Bureau addresses sage grouse habitat and the effectiveness of fuels treatment, GBI field crews will be collecting data on aquatic systems as well as resiliency and response to Pinyon Juniper removal.  Utilizing AIM lotic protocols, field personnel will capture data on stream geomorphology, macro-invertebrates, and water quality,  while remote sensing teams correlate vegetative conditions to remote sensing databases. The institute is grateful the continuing support by the BLM and associated research institutions.

Those interested in geospatial analysis, post-fuels treatment efficacy, and aquatic systems should find new positions available on GBI’s employment section.

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