IMG_2055 (600x600)Jessica Sáenz was born and raised in northern Nevada. She took an interest in natural resources management after a semester abroad in Costa Rica during her sophomore year of college. She earned two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Nevada Reno one in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Biology and one in Spanish with a minor in Business. Jessica also completed a Master’s Degree in Fisheries Science from Oregon State University studying the population dynamics of desert fishes in western Utah. She has worked across Nevada conducting monitoring and habitat surveys for amphibians, birds, fish, aquatic invertebrates, and small mammals. She has also worked on riparian and spring restoration projects aimed at improving habitat for endemic desert fishes. In her free time Jessica likes to go hiking, backpacking, skiing, and camping with her husband and dog, Huckleberry.

Huckleberry Danger Pancake is GBI’s most enthusiastic employee. She loves socializing at the office and playing fetch or tug-of-war. When not hard at work at the office, Huckleberry likes spending time outdoors camping, hiking, backpacking, and swimming. Besides her avid devotion to her ball she also loves kids and cheese.