View our 10 Year ReportThe Great Basin Institute is an interdisciplinary field studies organization that promotes environmental research, education, and conservation throughout the West.   Founded in 1998 at the University of Nevada, the Institute’s mission is to advance applied research and ecological literacy through community engagement and agency partnerships to support national parks, forests, open spaces and public lands.  GBI is a member of the Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC), a multi-agency collective that brings together researchers, tribes, universities, federal, state and local governments, and non-governmental organizations to address and protect the natural and cultural resources essential to sustaining our health and quality of life.

We achieve our mission through the following programs:

Nevada Conservation Corps

A 21st Century Service Corps, Nevada Conservation Corps harnesses the energy and idealism of volunteers and youth to serve public lands and communities.  Since 1999, as a federally funded AmeriCorps program, the NCC provides valuable resource management services in the form of  restoration crews and conservation internships, while providing professional development for youth, veterans and others seeking careers in conservation and land management.

Research Associate Program

The Institute’s Research Associate Program recruits qualified professionals—college graduates, graduate students, and experienced professionals—to design and implement field-based environmental management programs and projects. Research Associates provide technical assistance, research, analysis and data to support the conservation and management of natural and cultural resource in the West.

Galena Creek Visitor Center, Field Studies and Programs

The Great Basin Institute enhances the community engagement through our Interpretative Association at operation the Galena Creek Visitors Center, a USDA Forest Service facility jointly managed by Washoe County.   At Galena, GBI offers community activities and events, field studies for schools, and day and residential outdoor education programs for youth.

International Conservation Volunteer Exchange & Field Studies

The International Conservation Volunteer Exchange is a volunteer and internship program for international participants who wish to collaborate on natural resource projects  and accredited course work on public lands throughout the American West and abroad.  The program offers opportunities to serve on teams or individually on publicly managed lands, from mangrove inventories in Costa Rica to wildlife monitoring at Lake Tahoe.

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