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GBI Staff Coordinate Regional Convening for Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative

GBI Staff Coordinate Regional Convening for Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative

In mid-April, GBI’s Research Associate Amanda Milici organized the Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative’s inaugural Forest Health Collaborative Convening.

The Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative (TCSI) is a partnership focused on enhancing forest resilience, promoting biodiversity, and reducing wildfire risk across 2.4 million acres of Sierra Nevada forested watersheds through innovation and collaboration across landownerships.

Led by state, federal, nonprofit, and private partners, the TCSI responds to state and federal mandates to increase the pace and scale of forest restoration and community wildfire protection. The initiative has developed robust science that informs forest management, and it pilots new approaches, tools, and technologies for restoration.

In her role as the Outreach and Capacity Building Associate, Amanda builds TCSI’s all-lands approach by engaging with the various agencies, organizations, and Tribes who contribute to the region’s collective forest resilience. She develops and strengthens TCSI’s diverse partnerships, oversees TCSI’s communications, and facilitates collaboration between different scales of partnership work.

As part of that effort, Amanda successfully acquired a grant from the Tahoe Fund and independently planned and executed the TCSI’s Collaborative Convening on April 18th, 2024. This event brought together eight prominent forest health collaboratives – such as the North Yuba Forest Partnership, Healthy Eldorado Landscape Partnership, SOFAR Cohesive Strategy, Tahoe Fire and Fuels Team, Middle Truckee River Watershed Forest Partnership, Yuba Forest Network, French Meadows Forest Restoration Project, and the Lake Tahoe West Restoration Project – to network, discuss successes and challenges, share ideas and tools, and develop a shared vision for the landscape.

With more than 50 attendees, the convening was a huge success. Participants exchanged insights and lessons learned about various innovative funding and financing strategies, partnership governance and decision-making, monitoring and adaptive management, and wood utilization considerations.

Despite the challenge of addressing the diverse needs and interests of various attendees, the event presented notable outcomes. In addition to critical relationship-building, TCSI staff and partners gained a deeper understanding of collaborative achievements, priorities, and needs. Lastly, the event fostered reflection on how place-based partnerships align with TCSI’s broader landscape goals and the potential roles TCSI may play in advancing collaborative forest restoration and wildfire resilience efforts.

Map courtesy of Tahoe-Central Sierra Initiative:

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