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Art and Poetry from the Field

Art and Poetry from the Field

We frequently share photos submitted by our field personnel to our monthly media contest. But some of our submissions are a bit more unusual, like the artwork and poetry shared here. It goes without saying that the sublime natural environments in which GBI works are inspiring, and we are pleased to bring you these inspired artistic submissions from the past year.

Topping the page is an oil painting by Laura Tinelli, a Research Associate who has worked as a wildlife technician and tortoise monitor in Joshua Tree National Park. This painting, captioned by Laura with “sometimes the sky is fire here in the desert,” was named by GBI staff and pubic vote to be our 2023 Submission of the Year!

“Paint a Haiku”

a poem by Camilla Block, Basin and Range Forestry, Forestry Technician, Eldorado National Forest

Marking road hazards.

Paint all over my clothes and hands.

A ton of fun colors.

“Appreciating the Caribou Wilderness” Digital Art by Michelle Dominguez, Cultural Resources, Archaeological Field Technician, Lassen National Forest

“Leaving The Field”

a poem by Wren McCullough, Cultural Resources, Archaeology Technician, Lassen National Forest

Dark clouds roll over.
Cold wind smells like fall.
Thunder, baritone
Then, our crew lead calls.
It’s time to go home.

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