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GBI Media Contest November 2023 Submissions

GBI Media Contest November 2023 Submissions

“Detail-oriented” is the diplomatic way of saying that GBI personnel often seem to obsess over the tiniest things, especially when conducting field research. Of course, this is done with the understanding that even the minutia of a landscape constitutes a part of the larger ecosystem. With that in mind, the theme for November’s media contest was “Small Things with a Big Impact.”

The winning entry above was submitted by GBI Research Associate Sam Woosley, serving as Outdoor Recreation Specialist with the National Park Service at Joshua Tree National Park. It serves as a reminder of the delicate balance that exists in many of our wild places, especially those inhabited by threatened and endangered species. Says Sam, “While the death of one Mojave Desert Tortoise might not seem like a big deal, it is. Because the species is threatened with extinction, one tortoise death could result in the loss of critical genetic data or extirpation. Local Native words for tortoise: ‘Aya (Nüwü or Chemehuevi) Qerperc (Maara’yam or Serrano) I’yeel (Iviatim or Cahuilla).”

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Lilian (Lily) Smith-Langes, Basin & Range Forestry, Engineering Resource Assistant, LTBMU Eagle Falls. “The places you’ll go.”
Paul Martinez, Research Associate, Digital Tech, Joshua Tree National Park. “Rich history subtly woven into the landscape.”
Kimberlee Roberts, Cultural Resources Program, Lead Archivist, NPS Zion National Park. “Cloud inversion and golden sunsets.”
Annika Bjorksten, Research Associate, Fuels and Vegetation Technician, NPA Joshua Tree National Park. “New life rises from the ashes.”
Emma Pfeifer, AmeriCorps, Utility Inventory and Mapping Technician, NPS Zion National Park. “We are small but forceful, just as flowing water through a canyon.”

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