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GBI Media Contest August 2023 Submissions

GBI Media Contest August 2023 Submissions

While the Summer days continued to scorch our field personnel, GBI launched its August media contest with the hope that having a brisk Autumn in sight could at least bring some promise of cooler times. With this in mind, the theme for the contest was “Flow into the Fall.” Our people were urged to get creative with their interpretation of the theme, and, as usual, they did not disappoint.

Our winner was Research Associate Christian Thorsberg, who is serving as a communications specialist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southern Alaska Regional and Field Offices. Christian provided this background on the photo above: “Thousands of caribou (tutu, in the Iñupiaq language) pack tightly together near the shores of the Beaufort Sea, where oceanic gusts deter mosquitos, one of the herd’s greatest annoyances in the summer. These photos were taken from a bush plane during an overflight of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, where Martha Williams, the Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, was visiting during a seven-day trip throughout Alaska.”

Congratulations to Christian and thanks to all who submitted images. Scroll down to see a selection of their wonderful photographs from the field.

Laura Tinelli, Research Associate, Wildlife Technician, Joshua Tree National Park, Tortoise Monitor. “Finally enjoyed cooler weather in the evenings and got to see what I love most about the desert, the sunsets. Cool enough to finally want to wear long sleeves and pants. Also cool enough to have moisture and clouds which makes for pretty amazing sunsets…”
Jensen Bigelow, Basin & Range Forestry, Forestry Technician, Plumas National Forest, Feather River Ranger District. “Just another day working with the crew on the Feather River Ranger District of the Plumas National Forest.”
Alex Williams, AmeriCorps, VISTA, Galena Creek Community Outreach Coordinator. “Baldwin Beach at South Lake facing the Mt. Tallac Peak (the stream is flowing).”
Emily Smith, Research Associate, Wildlife Habitat Biotechnician, Sheldon-Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge Complex. “Hot days followed by cool evenings.”
Lucas Goldfluss, Basin & Range Forestry, Recreation Resource Assistant, Plumas National Forest. “A controlled burn happening in Cromberg, CA and this was my view from the top of Argentine Rock on Mt. Hough.”
Montana Stevens, Research Associate, Hydrologic/Fisheries Technician, Warm Springs area of Moapa. “From the warm springs of Moapa that ultimately feeds the muddy river.”
Ally O’Rullian, Research Associate, Communications Specialist, Zion National Park. “Going with the flow (of energy!)”
Bianca Vargas, Basin & Range Forestry, Forestry Crew Lead, Lassen National Forest, Eagle Lake Ranger Station. “Giving our Ram, Clifford, a wash to cleanse it’s summer grime and to have fresh new start for the fall season.”
Connor Adams, Basin & Range Forestry, Botany Crew Lead, Stanislaus National Forest. “Lupine, skyrocket, and mule’s ears have not yet received the message of impending fall in the enduring snow of the High Sierra.”
Sarah Marino, Cultural Resource Program, Research Librarian, Yellowstone National Park Research Library, Heritage and Research Center. “On the first day after a late summer heatwave this rainbow seemed to flow out of the clouds and over the grass turning autumn-yellow.”
Camille Block, Basin & Range Forestry, Forestry Technician, Eldorado National Forest. “Rare female cone of the White Bark Pine.”
Rebecca Finnigan, Cultural Resource Program, Archivist, Haleakalā National Park. “What better way to flow into fall than by feeding the mules at Haleakalā National Park.”
Kimberlee Roberts, Cultural Resource Program, Lead Archivist, Zion National Park. “A strawberry sky is a summer treat as monsoon season at Zion National Park brings cooler days ahead.”

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