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GBI Media Contest July 2023 Submissions

GBI Media Contest July 2023 Submissions

Astonishing as it may seem, GBI is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. It doesn’t seem that long ago that Jerry Keir and Sanjay Pyare started the institute at the University of Nevada, Reno. “Time flies,” as they say. And since they say it, we thought that would make a great theme for July’s media contest. We invited our field personnel to get creative with the theme, and they did not disappoint.

The winner is Research Associate Lyla Biddle, dispersed recreation technician, who submitted the image at the top of this page, showing a bee caught in the act at blooming wildflowers while summiting Mt St Helens.

We urge you to take the time to peruse our other wonderful entrants below.

Zachary Kunz, Basin & Range Forestry, Forestry Lead, Stanislaus National Forest. “Time flies when the ‘office’ view is this exquisite!”
Alexander Brown, Research Associate, Forest Monitoring Technician, Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. “Time flies when your throwing dries.”
Emily Smith, Research Associate, Wildlife Habitat Biotechnician, Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge and Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge (Photo taken at Sheldon NWR). “One day you’re dreaming of working with USFWS, then next you’re dreaming of joining your boss on the Big Game surveys.”
Rebecca Finnigan, Cultural Resources, Archivist Technician, Haleakalā National Park. “Sunrise at the Summit District of Haleakalā National Park illuminates how erosion and volcanic activity have shaped the area over hundreds of thousands of years.”
Rebecca Finnigan. “Deep in the bamboo forest in the Kīpahulu District of Haleakalā National Park, nothing shows the passage of time quite like looking up at these towering plants.”
Kassidy Whetstone, Cultural Resources, Archives Technician, Hoover Dam. “…and the wheels keep on turning.”
Larsen Tormey, Basin & Range Forestry, Forestry Lead, Hume Lake. “With the onset of incoming summer heat, the snow in the alpine is starting to melt faster and faster. Almost as fast as our season is passing by. This picture shows just how much snow was up around the 11,000′ mark at the end of May. There is still snow around the Mount Silliman Basin but nowhere near as much as was there when we summited. We took the middle ridge from the right-hand side all the way to the top of the summit. We are now summiting 13-14k peaks to stay out of the heat!”
Jenna Horiuchi, Research Associate, Visitor Services Associate, Manzanar National Historic Site. “Summer is flying by, but the record-level snowpack lingers in the shady spots making it hard to believe it’s nearly August. Looking west into Kings Canyon National Park from its eastern boundary at Kearsarge Pass, 11,760′.”
Adam Meintsma, Research Associate, Wildlife Habitat Biotechnician, Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge. “Time stops for a moment in the cool nights of the Oregon high desert.”
Kimberlee Roberts, Cultural Resources, Lead Project Archivist, Zion National Park. “With persistence and time an ephemeral creek in Zion National Park can carve out walls so tall that daylight peeking through the darkness is a warm and welcomed gift.”

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