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GBI Media Contest May 2023 Submissions

GBI Media Contest May 2023 Submissions

The theme for May’s media contest was “Nature’s Phenomena,” and our field personnel came though — dare we say it? — phenomenally. The winning entry, above, comes to us from Research Associate Joey Nadeau, who is providing GIS Data Management Support at Garnet Canyon (Grand Teton National Park). It was during his work at Middle Teton Glacier that he captured this stunning, atmospheric image.

Keep scrolling down to see more submissions to the May contest. Thanks to all who entered and gave us a chance to see what you see in the field!

Joey Nadeau, “Installing ablation stakes on Middle Teton Glacier to measure ice flow and snow melt throughout the season.”
Montana Stevens, Research Associate, Hydrologic/Fisheries Technician, Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge. “Native Northern Leopard Frog at L-Spring, PNWR.”
Montana Stevens. “Overlook of Cottonwood Spring, PNWR.”
Laura Tinelli, Research Associate, Wildlife Monitor, Joshua Tree National Park. “A juvenile tortoise hiding in the shade. They are vulnerable and resilient in this extreme environment, a true phenomena.”

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