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GBI Media Contest April 2023 Submissions

GBI Media Contest April 2023 Submissions

Our media contest is back and in full bloom! We’ve all heard the adage “April Showers Bring May Flowers,” and given the blossoming color enveloping our field personnel at this time of year, this was a perfectly appropriate theme for our April contest.

Our winning entry, above, was submitted by Research Associate Bill Bjornstad, who is serving as digital media technician at Joshua Tree National Park. “After receiving soaking rains this past winter,” he explains, “we are seeing bright, colorful displays of wildflowers in and around Joshua Tree National Park!”

Congratulations to Bill! Scroll down to see some of the stiff competition he faced this month.

Rachel Russell, AmeriCorps, Desert Tortoise Monitoring Crew, Eldorado Valley. “Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious.”
Carmen Aurrecoechea, Research Associate, Digital Media Project, Joshua Tree National Park. “Poppy-palooza. A single poppy blooms, surrounded by more poppies in the background.”
Carmen Aurrecoechea. “Moth Nap. Two small moths cuddle up at the center of a desert dandelion in bloom.”
Genesis Aponte Santiago, AmeriCorps, Desert Tortoise Monitoring Crew, Piute Valley. “Tortoise GS152 snacking on Spring Flowers.”
Rebecca Finnigan, Research Associate, Archivist, Haleakala National Park. “These rock-boring urchins exemplify my love for and awe of nature. Known as ʻina ula in Hawaiian, they can be found in tidepools and exposed reef flats living within holes in rocks where they are protected from the surging waves all around them.”
Ethan Ostraff, Research Associate, Botany Wildlife Technician, Capitol Reef National Park. “Wrights Pincushion Cactus. One of the threatened species in the park that we are working to conserve.”
Ethan Ostraff. “Evening Primrose at Factory Butte.”
Laura Tinelli, Research Associate, Wildlife/Tortoise Monitor, Joshua Tree National Park. “Mound Cactus.”
Shikha Acharya, Research Associate, Forestry Stewardship Coordinator, Western Divide. “Last snow of the season.”

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