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GBI Media Contest November 2022 Submissions

GBI Media Contest November 2022 Submissions

We love autumn. The season brings an especially poignant beauty out of our natural landscapes, one that reminds us both of change and of the ever-recurring cycle of nature. In this spirit, November’s media contest theme was “Legends of the Fall.” As usual, our field personnel did not disappoint, as evidenced by the images below, and by the one topping this page, our winning entry from Research Associate Paige Weaver.

Paige is serving as an archivist at the National Park Service regional office in Anchorage, Alaska, and has this to say about her photo: “Glaciers are massive bodies of slowly moving ice that form on land when settled snow gets compressed into ice over the duration of many centuries, slowly crawling downward from the pull of gravity to form legendary falls imprinted on the Alaskan landscape. If we are not careful, however, these awe-inspiring falls will fade into mythology due to the negative effects of climate change.”

Thanks to Paige for providing these insights, as well as this stunning image. And thanks to all who submitted. Scroll down to be dazzled.

Paige Weaver. “Way up North, in the heart of the great Alaskan frontier, it is often easy to remember notions of the fall season as no more than a legend in the midst of bitterly cold and long dark days. However, it is true that the beauty of autumn does indeed grace the landscape, albeit for only a short while, making for truly legendary scenery.”
Kimberlee Roberts, Research Associate, Lead Archivist, Zion National Park. “A stunning autumnal sunset over snow-dappled Towers and Temples setting the mood for a glorious transition into winter.”
Rebecca Finnigan, Research Associate, Compliance Archivist, Zion National Park. “April showers may bring may flowers, but November showers bring autumnal waterfalls to Emerald Pools in Zion National Park.”
Rebecca Finnegan. “Fall has arrived and the aspens are glowing at Cedar Breaks National Monument.”
Sanja Zelen, AmeriCorps, Bass Lake Ranger District. “The crew on the Sierra National Forest looked for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as they drove down to the range.”
Chris Quezada, Research Associate, Visual Information RA. “Redhead ducks begin to arrive in Central Texas for the winter.”

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