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GBI Media Contest February 2021 Submissions

GBI Media Contest February 2021 Submissions

The theme for February’s media contest was “friendship.” And around here, well, that seems to often mean dogs.

Among those featured here is Cassie, brought to us by contest winner and Research Associate, Brianna Herner. Brianna explains that this was taken in her backyard in Littleton, Colorado, where almost a foot of snow had fallen. “My dog Cassie is obsessed with the snow,” she says. “She’s been my teleworking buddy since last June when I started my internship as an Engineering Technician RA with the Bureau of Reclamation in Denver. She always seems to know when my eyes need a break from my computer and barks until I go outside to throw her favorite toys for fetch (even when it’s below freezing). Cassie is 11 now, and she’s been my best friend since 5th grade and has helped me deal with the stresses of high school, college, work, and now COVID.”

Our thanks to Brianna and Cassie for putting a smile on our faces with this photo, and thanks to all the others who sent in submissions, some of which you can view below.

Jessica Hearns, Research Associate, Compliance Office & Senior Management Team Detailee, Death Valley National Park. “Not only do these furry yahoos give each other friendship, but they heavily improve my morale when I’m stuck home teleworking without human interaction.”

Laurie Fisher, Research Associate. “At Desert National Wildlife Refuge we all love our dogs. With isolation during COVID, having our best friends has been a life saver. Here is coworker and biologist June and her dog, Cece.”

Holly Hurding-Jones, NCC. “I’m friends with these massive Joshua trees! My NCC crew and I are working in Mojave National Preserve restoring a historic structure and we cannot get over how beautiful these plants are. Joshua trees grow about 3″ every year for their first 10 years, then 1 1/2″ for every year after that; so these are very old!”

Brianna Herner. Another shot of Cassie.

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