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GBI Media Contest January 2021 Submissions

GBI Media Contest January 2021 Submissions

The theme for January’s media contest was “New Year In Motion,” so naturally, we received a few more video submissions than usual, including the rapid-action winner sent to us by Research Associate, Gabe Watts. Gabe describes what’s going on in the video: “Here is a time lapse video of a volunteer and me in Zion National Park’s greenhouse cleaning Palmers Penstemon (Penstemon palmeri) seed. The process goes as such: first, pick the seed pods off the branches. Then, put the pods into scrub boards and crush the seed pods to release the seed. Next, put the crushed pods and seeds in a sieve to filter out the seeds from the chaff. Lastly, put the extracted seeds into a labeled envelope for use at a later date.” It’s a meticulous process that Gabe makes look breezy in this video. Our congratulations to Gabe and our applause to the others who submitted. Scroll down to see how we keep things moving at GBI.

Gabe Watts, Research Associate. Greenhouse in Action!

Tom Ryan, Research Associate, Manzanar National Historic Site. Highlighting his remote work site, San Francisco, and how the city is on the move.

Silas Garcia-George, AmeriCorps member working with the Peregrine Fund’s California Condor Reintroduction project. “California Condors are released after being tested for lead toxicosis. Thankfully, these condors all tested below a certain threshold blood lead level, and as a result were free to go back out into the wild and kick off the breeding season. Good luck, little birds!”

Amber Laird, Research Associate. Waves to the Sky! “In this video you will see Research Associates Salpi Bocchieriyan, Jessica Droke, and Kim Selinske waving to an aircraft near the Panamint Playa in Death Valley National Park. The four of us were on the playa that day investigating resource damage created by illegal off-road driving. The aircrafts zipped by us all day.”

Jessica Hearns, Research Associate, NEPA specialist at Death Valley. Death Valley Jubilee. “This is a picture I took after summiting Jubilee Mountain. I chose to hike this mountain in January 2021 because I wanted to enter the new year by marking with memories of my first hike in the park. The first location I ever hiked in Death Valley was around Jubilee pass in January 2018. I wanted to mark that special anniversary and it didn’t hurt it was also a play on words ;)”

Diana Hitchen, Research Associate, Stream Survey Crew Lead. “After the work week, I get the weekend in motion by skiing! Though typically skiers dream of fresh snow, a very dry January created these magical ski conditions, a thin crust of sun-baked snow to skate ski on in the meadow of Hope Valley near Markleeville, CA.”

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