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GBI Media Contest November 2020 Submissions

GBI Media Contest November 2020 Submissions

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this month’s media contest called on GBI personnel to offer submissions related to the theme of “gratitude.” This has, of course, been a challenging year, so it has been a welcome break from the topsy-turvy to be privy to the sights that have made our Research Associates, AmeriCorps members, and NCC crew members grateful. These include the video submission sent us by RA Nadia Westenburg. “My ‘Moment of Gratitude’ this month was captured in this video of driving into Yosemite Valley after the first snow of the season,” Nadia explains. “I make this commute almost every day and it’s always stunning, but the snow turns the valley into pure magic and, since this storm was the first precipitation we’ve had in months, was able to dampen all the nearby wildfires and clear out the smoke that had been lingering in the valley since August. All of us here are immensely grateful to finally have healthy levels of air quality again (and some fresh powder to play in!). [Safety note: I was a passenger in the vehicle when I took this video.]”

Enjoy the video below and the other great submissions. For our part, GBI remains forever thankful for the passion, dedication, and hard work of those who keep the institute thriving.

Carrie Dean, NCC, AmeriCorps.

Carrie Dean, NCC, AmeriCorps. “Snow and clouds obscure the giant sequoias, firs and cedars at Sequoia National Park. Over the course of five days the weather froze our three-crew saw team in place, and gifted a rare delight: snow. This bright new day, preceded by the creaking branches of fall meeting winter, drifted in absolute stillness. A mission to meticulously construct a fire break for some of earth’s most precious trees ended in a hike through Grant Grove, to a tree so tall and wide I understood the weight of this careful work even as ice painted the landscape.”

Laurie Fisher, Research Associate, Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex. “I took this photo at the Desert National Wildlife Refuge at sunset, everything had a beautiful golden glow and it was such a peaceful moment in a sea of issues. This was taken the evening before the election.”

Peri Sasnett, Research Associate, Joshua Tree National Park. “During my first week on the job, I was out exploring the park, and I went to Cottonwood Springs hoping to see some new birds or wildlife. Right as I walked up, I heard a commotion in one of the fan palms, and looked up to see a rare desert kit fox up in the tree! I felt very lucky to get to see one of Joshua Tree’s rare mammals, and I’m so grateful to be spending the winter working here.”

Lucas Pettinati, Archaeology Crew Chief, Stanislaus National Forest. “A simple lunch break group photo.”

Holly Hurding-Jones, NCC. “Our three crews with NCC are working in Sequoia National Park for ladder fuel reduction. The piles of wood and slash will be in a controlled burn to reduce fuel and prevent future fires. My dream is to be on a fire crew and I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to work on this project as well as the amazing people along side it. Thanks Great Basin for such an awesome opportunity and a stunning environment.”

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