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Spotlighting Glenn Miller, Chair of GBI’s Board of Directors

Spotlighting Glenn Miller, Chair of GBI’s Board of Directors

GBI would like to take this time to shine a well-deserved spotlight on Dr. Glenn Miller, who has long served as the Chair of the Institute’s Board of Directors. GBI’s executive director Jerry Keir offers his thoughts about Dr. Miller:

Glenn and I met in 1997 when his reputation as a thoughtful and skilled mentor led me to his offices at the University of Nevada, Reno Applied Research Facility.  Glenn agreed to serve on my PhD committee and also on the Board of a small field studies organization I was hoping to start to encourage graduate and faculty field research and teaching.  Asking for Glenn’s support was one of the best decisions I’ve made for GBI.

Glenn retired from UNR this year, though he keeps research and community as a priority.  He continues to offer leadership to our organization, and his careful advisement is greatly valued by all staff at the Institute.  This UNR profile FEATURE is a nice snapshot of a world class researcher, mentor and friend.  Thanks, Glenn, for all that you have done for us at GBI!

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