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UNR Journalism Students Document the Galena Creek Restoration Project

UNR Journalism Students Document the Galena Creek Restoration Project

We are very excited to share this video, created by Trina Kleist, Kylene Yumul, and Janice Baker, students at the University of Nevada, Reno’s Reynolds School of Journalism. It details work being done on the Galena Creek Restoration project, which seeks to stabilize creek beds in order to reduce the erosion of dirt into our water system. Additionally, the project, which is funded through the Truckee River Fund, reaches out to the public, and especially local youths, who not only learn about the challenges faced by the Truckee River watershed , but also are given the opportunity to actively contribute to its ongoing health. In addition to showing off the work being done in this beautiful environment, the video also features several GBI staff members, including visitor center coordinator, Laura Azzarello, and operations coordinator, James Maxwell.

Thanks to Trina, Kylene, and Janice for creating such an informative and well-produced introduction to the work being done at Galena Creek.

Thanks also to the Galena Creek Visitor Center for the great work they do with the public and our youth. The visitor center offers School Break Exploration Camps, which provide children with incredible opportunities (such as the restoration project) to spend time in local ecosystems and develop connections with peers, mentors, and the environment. Camp funding comes from the Nell J. Redfield Foundation. Camp registration for 2020 is now open. There are two weeks of Spring Break Exploration Camp happening in March and the visitor center is now signing up participants on the center’s website:

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