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GBI Media Contest July 2019 Submissions

GBI Media Contest July 2019 Submissions

In July, we received a bunch of great submissions for our media contest. Below is just a sampling of what our field personnel were able to capture, including the winning entry, video shot by Cecilia Huizar. “I feel lucky to say that this is what we get to do every morning,” says Cecilia. “Here is my crew lead, Liz (Elizabeth Muntean), placing a band on a canvasback duck. After the band is secured and measurements have been taken, we give them a lift by tossing them in the air and off they go. Ducklings, on the other hand, we don’t want to separate them from their mother so we release them at the same time, as seen in the last portion of the video.”

Allison Dunkel: “This picture is of a big horned sheep skull that I came across during a mine closure in a remote south east corner of Joshua Tree National Park.”
Kristen Maier: “Technician, Arianna Disser, is processing bug samples during a stream survey in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.”
Ismael Ramirez: “We are with the NCC crew, BLM Restoration Crew, USGS and SOS crew from GBI heading through a fire scar to get to our first seeding plot at sunrise in Red Rock Canyon NCA.”
Midori Okumura: NCC crew taking a break from working on trail in Tahoe.
Zach Welch: Marking and cruising team working with Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit.
Sierra Blackford: Working with the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

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