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GBI Assists the Bureau of Land Management with AIM Implementation and Training

GBI Assists the Bureau of Land Management with AIM Implementation and Training

Tayler Debrosse_AIM WyomingSince 2011, GBI has provided key assistance to the Bureau of Land Management’s implementation of the national Assessment, Inventory and Monitoring (AIM) strategy, which seeks to create standards in resources data collection that can be shared across jurisdictions and agencies operating in various regions. We are very proud to have been a cornerstone of the AIM strategy since the very beginning. Each year GBI employs over 130 field staff members across multiple western states to collect botanical samples, soils, and other ecological information for the BLM.

In 2018 GBI Ecological Monitoring Coordinators also assisted BLM staff with the teaching of AIM training courses in Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. All field crews, from GBI and other organizations, attend AIM training annually to ensure that methodologies and protocols are standardized, a standardization that is a key part of BLM’s landscape scale data collection strategy. Providing training and work opportunities to early and mid-career natural resources professionals is an essential component of GBI’s mission.  Consequently, we would like to give a huge thank you to our outstanding Monitoring staff and to the BLM for the continued opportunity to help implement the AIM strategy.

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