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Volunteers Clean up Desert in Southern Nevada

Volunteers Clean up Desert in Southern Nevada

By Melissa Sanders
Research Associate, BLM Southern Nevada District

So far in 2014, volunteers have helped Nevada Conservation Corps crews and GBI Research Associates clean up 1,870 cubic yards of illegally dumped trash in southern Nevada.

By collaborating with other government agencies and NGOs, the effects of these clean-up events have been far reaching; they help to build strong ties and positive relations in a growing community of people who give back to help Nevada’s public lands.

A volunteer church youth group cleaning up illegally dumped trash in the Sunrise ACEC (Area of Critical Environmental Concern), east of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The BLM Desert Clean Up program in the Southern Nevada BLM District has been around since 2007, and GBI Research Associates have been involved since the beginning.

Working with volunteers is the highlight of the program. We have held 18 volunteer events this year. A wide variety of groups are looking to improve their public lands, from boy scouts looking to do their Eagle Scout projects, to church, civic and recreational groups. People are always so happy to be involved, and it’s great to see the immediate improvement of a heavily affected area, even after even just a few short hours of hard work.

Before: Site in Sunrise ACEC.
After: Same site in Sunrise ACEC.


These clean up events create community and improve habitat, making life better for at least one rattlesnake.
Same volunteers, with a full dumpster, smiling faces and their new volunteer T-shirts. Scott Cambrin, GBI’s (now former) RA, who helped organize the event, is far left.

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