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The Goggio Foundation Interpretive Garden

The Goggio Foundation Interpretive Garden

The Goggio Foundation Interpretive Garden is located at the Great Basin Institute’s international volunteer facility at 1341 North Virginia Street, directly across from the student center at the University of Nevada-Reno campus.  Through the generous support and interest from Melissa and Tim Clover, local Reno philanthropists, the Goggio Foundation Interpretive Garden provides learning opportunities to understand and appreciate our native flora.  Environmental volunteers, both domestic and international, have a unique place to learn about the importance of habitat conservation and the preservation of native habitat.  The Goggio Foundation, who have provided to date  not only funding for the garden but a generous grant for learning equipment and supplies that help volunteers and students understand science and the outdoor learning environment.  Below are a few images of the garden and its diverse species richness.  Much gratitude to the Goggio Foundation and the Clover family for their continued support of the Great Basin Institute’s regional ecological literacy outreach efforts.

View of the the Goggio Foundation Interpretive Garden


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  1. By definition or mission statement would you please define a “Interpretive Garden”. How does it differ from an arboretum? Thanks, Carl

  2. Hello, Carl. To quickly answer your question, an arboretum is, by definition, a collection of trees and is typically used for research. The idea behind an ‘interpretive garden’ is to use a collection of trees, shrubs, and/or flowers as a mean to educate. In the case of the Goggio Foundation Interpretive Garden, we have used native plant species to teach the Great Basin Institute’s many volunteers, form all corners of the world, about the diverse flora across the region.

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