Nevada Conservation Corps

Nevada Conservation Corps

Our Mission

Nevada Conservation Corps harnesses the energy and idealism of youth to meet the needs of Nevada public lands and communities. As a federally-funded AmeriCorps program, the NCC promotes ecological literacy through field research and direct conservation service. Our statewide program transcends racial, ethnic and economic barriers by creating a cadre of corps members comprised of diverse backgrounds, drawing a broad-based national recruitment process. By uniting environmental resources from federal, state and county agencies, the NCC provides students and young professionals opportunities to make meaningful contributions toward protecting and conserving Nevada’s natural heritage, while also gaining valuable work experience in the natural resource management field.

The Program

The NCC is Nevada's leading non-profit in advancing volunteerism in the environmental sector. We are recognized statewide by all major federal, state, and county environmental agencies as the premier service provider of volunteers.


Opportunities for those who wish to volunteer on our crews, join the state's largest AmeriCorps program, and gain valuable field experience while working on habitat improvement, restoration, and recreation projects.


NCC has cooperative agreements with all major federal and state resource management agencies, including the National Park Service, BLM, US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, the Nevada Divisions of Forestry, Wildlife, Parks and Lands.